Heed These Power Surge Protection Tips from Highly Trusted Local Electricians

Home-Wide Power Surge Protectors are Truly a Worthwhile Investment

First, you hear the roar of thunder. Then, you flinch from the sight of lightning bolts flickering outside your windows. In a matter of seconds, the fear of appliances blowing out from the electrically sets in. Lightning storms certainly warrant such a panicked reaction, but it might surprise you to know that they aren’t the only threat to your home’s electrical system. In fact, blowouts more often occur due to factors within your home’s own circuitry.

Devices running on motors, such as refrigerators, water pumps, and even hair dryers, cause most home power surges. These appliances use a lot of energy. When turned off, their power is diverted elsewhere in your circuitry as excess voltage.

Most appliances in the U.S. operate at 120 volts, with a maximum voltage rating of 169 volts. Because of the influx of excess voltage from turning off of an appliance, the power in outlets can exceed the maximum voltage rating, potentially causing damage to plugged-in devices. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2x2VRDD