Tips from Your Electrician: Upgrade Your Ceiling Fan with a Remote

Installing ceiling fan remotes can adds convenience and safety, especially for children. Your decision to buy a compatible remote for your existing fan will likely depend on the height of your ceiling and your need for a convenient way to control your fan.

In certain cases, when a ceiling is too high, a remote control is the most viable way to manage a ceiling fan’s speed and direction. If ceiling height is not an issue, the main advantage of a remote-controlled fan is one of convenience, as you wouldn’t need to manually flip switches or pull chains to control your fan. With that in mind, it pays to know the different types of fan remotes so will know which one is best suited for your needs

Handheld ceiling fan remote – with a handheld ceiling fan remote, you may operate your fan from any location as long as it’s within the remote control’s range.

Wall ceiling fan control – a wall-mounted ceiling fan control is the ideal option for those who are tired of reaching for their ceiling fan’s chains. However, it doesn’t offer the same conveniences as a handheld remote control—you’ll still need to get up and go to the wall to operate it. But it does eliminate the potential for losing or misplacing the remote.

Handheld/wall combo ceiling fan control – this options combines the best of both worlds via a wall-mounted holder that stores the portable, handheld unit.

Different types of ceiling fan remotes come with different features, including a dimming feature, programmable timer, and even, Bluetooth capability for syncing with smartphones. Once you’ve chosen the right one for your needs, a certified electrician can take care of the remote-control installation for you.


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