Aging at Home: Hire an Electrician to Make Your Home Elderly Friendly

If you’re happy with your home, you’ll likely want to stay there for the rest of your life. However, many of your home’s features today may not have the same level of usefulness as you age. For instance, that round doorknob may be harder to turn if your muscles are no longer as strong as they are now.

In terms of your home electrical system, you need to take measures to ensure they’re elderly friendly. If you already have senior people living at home with you, it makes sense to implement these measures as early as possible.

Start with an electrical home safety inspection to ensure that the home’s electrical system is in good order.

An electrical safety inspection can help ensure that your home is up to code. Have the inspection performed by a licensed electrician to guarantee utmost safety and utility. During the inspection, the electrician will examine electrical panels, wiring, lighting, outlets, and more. If you believe you have electrical safety problems that need checking, contact an electrician.

Put in more powerful lighting to help grandma and grandpa see better.

Vision can start to fail as people age. It certainly helps if the spaces in your home are brightly lit to prevent accidents and missteps from your home’s elderly inhabitants. It’s also a good move to have more outlets installed to prevent electrical wires or extensions cords from cluttering the floor, creating trip hazards and increasing electrical risks.

Install smart electronic devices such as emergency response systems, smart doorbells, and home sensor systems.

Having these systems in place increases the chance of your seniors alerting you and others about any emergency issues that they might have, even if they aren’t able to talk or move freely. Talk to your electrician about your intention to make your home more elderly-friendly so they can recommend the most appropriate response systems.


Aging In Place,


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