Choosing the Correct Electrician is Important For Home System Repairs

Electricians are highly trained in specific fields. The electrician recruited to fix power lines alongside a road, is very different from the one who services problems in the home.

Residential Electricians

These tradespeople specialize in light wiring including home appliance hook-ups, fuse box problems, and extending electrical circuits to connect outdoor and gardening fixtures. They work with common light power loads and equipment that is present in most homes.

The training of a residential electrician is rigorous. Four years of combined classroom training, plus an internship with a master electric component supervisor, is required for a license to service home systems.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians receive residential training, plus the training to install commercial-grade systems. This includes large water heaters and expanded power units. The difference between residential and commercial training is knowledge of public systems requirements.

Commercial electricians work with governmental and safety requirements in-mind. This duty requires the ability to install huge electrical complexes and the skills to identify problems in existing commercial set-ups.

Journeymen Electricians

Journeymen electricians are licensed to service both residential and commercial electrical systems. They regularly fix mechanical problems, and can take part in DOT power line repair crews. Journeymen also have the authority to work on specialized equipment and systems without supervision.

Master Electricians

Master electricians have a vetted background in electrical systems service. They have completed at least seven years of Journeyman experience and likely have earned a Bachelor’s level degree in the electrical sciences.

Master electricians often serve supervisory roles on crews, and have the managerial skills to organize journeymen and apprentice workers on large commercial job sites.

Residential and Master electrician help is best for home repairs. The majority of home electrical problems can be solved with knowledge that is just beyond home owners, but some problems require experience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to advise home owners on repairs that require budgetary and legal concerns.

This is where a master electrician is needed most. A master electrician can pinpoint problems, recommend fixes, and complete them with expertise if needed.


Electrical Safety and Licensing Frequently Asked Questions,


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